Keep the spare on your trailer, your Jeep, or RV out of the sun's harmful UV rays in style with our exclusive Nuts & Bolts Offshore Fishing Team tire cover.

These covers are made from rugged marine grade vinyl... the same stuff used to make boat seats!

 The Nuts & Bolts Offshore graphics are printed using top of the line UV resistant solvent inks that actually etch into the vinyl. This means the image will not flake off like air brushed or painted tire covers.

And the tire covers are secured with a 90 test pound rope that can be pulled as tightly as needed to obtain the desired fit. There are no elastic cords that stretch and let air under your cover that will blow your tire cover off of the tire when traveling on the highway.

NOTE*** We can provide covers for any size tire.   But it is important to send us the exact size of your tire (not the wheel size).  The tire size is clearly stamped on the side of the tire, as an example - P225/75/15  or 30 X 9.50/15.    When you check out, make a note of the tire size in the comments/notes/special request section of the shopping cart.  We will not fulfill your order until we know the tire size.

$99.95 X